Gorge Farm Energy Park

Gorge Farm Energy Park, at Naivasha, Kenya, is dedicated to showcasing leading-edge renewable technologies.

Gorge Farm is home to an Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plant run by Biojoule, soon to be joined by a solar PV plant run by Solarjoule.

At 2.8MW installed capacity delivering 2.4MW output, the Gorge Farm AD power plant is the largest of its size and type in East Africa, and a first in terms of renewable energy development in the region. At 2.8MW, the plant is over four times the average size of an AD plant in Germany (500KW).

Gorge Farm uses an AD plant manufactured by Snow Leopard and a gas boiler from GE (see Our partners). Key component suppliers include IET Siemens for switchgear and transformers, SAR GMBH for instrumentation and control systems, BioG for material handling and Paulmichel for agitators and stirring equipment.

Gorge Farm is an 800ha vegetable farm owned and operated by VP Group, the largest fresh-produce exporter in East Africa. Through our partnership with VP Group, we are able to access abundant high-quality feedstock: around 150 tonnes of fresh organic matter each and every day.

The plant will have a positive environmental impact in several ways. At the end of the 20-day AD process, a rich natural fertiliser is produced that is put back on the land, improving crop health and productivity and reducing the need for synthetic fertilisers. The project will also reduce carbon emissions by 7,500 tonnes per annum by displacing oil-fired generation from the grid.

Solarjoule’s projected 10MW solar PV plant will be another first for the region.