Liki River Farm AD Boiler System

Our AD Boiler System at Liki River Farm uses agricultural waste to generate valuable heat and reduce diesel consumption.

The AD boiler system at Liki River Farm runs exclusively on waste from the neighbouring rose farm owned and operated by VP Group (see Our partners).

The waste is burned to heat water, which is then used to heat greenhouses on the farm. With the environment kept at a steady 20ºC, plant quality and productivity are both improved.

Feedstock includes discarded stems and leaves, as well as the woody material from uprooted plants at the end of their useful lives. By utilising this otherwise unusable plant material for AD, the Liki River Farm facility saves 600 litres of diesel every day, substantially reducing carbon emissions and solving the problem of how to dispose of the plant waste itself.

The AD boiler at Liki River Farm is made by Kalvis, the leading biomass boiler specialists who have served the Lithuanian market for 15 years and also export to many European countries. The system is fully automated, from feed hopper through to heat delivery and self-cleaning, providing maximum availability and minimum downtime.

Liki River Farm is a perfect example of a tailored energy solution for a customer with high energy demands and a readily available renewable fuel source.