The team

To build a world class renewable energy business we need a world class team

Executive Directors

mike-masonMike Mason: Chairman

A mining engineer by background, Mike holds an MBA from Cranfield and an MSc in Environmental Change and Management. He started his career as a mining engineer before becoming a business development manager for an oil and gas firm, before founding a variety of businesses including Climate Care, and one of the world’s first carbon-trading companies, Climate Care, which he sold to JP Morgan in 2008.

In 2010, Mike became Energy Advisor to the President of the Maldives, where his task was to steer the country to a zero-carbon future by 2020. The total estimated cost of the programme was of the order of $3Bn, of which the first $300M was secured from international sources and due for approval the day that the President was overthrown in a coup.

Mike currently leads a research programme at Oxford University developing new AD technology, energy crops for semi-arid regions, and AD/Solar PV hybrid technology.

Tom Morton: Director

Tom has been a Director of Tropical Power since 2011 when it started operations in Kenya. Tom has lived in Kenya‎ since 2007. He spends part of his time involved with the management and strategy of Tropical Power, while also running operations for ClimateCare (a company founded by Mike Mason) in Nairobi.

mike-nolanMike Nolan: Operations Director

Mike oversees the practical side of our business, drawing on his deep experience of African power production, large-scale engineering and leading world-class teams.

Originally an electrical engineer, Mike was previously African Operations Director for FTSE 100 firm Aggreko, the world’s largest temporary power business. Mike has built 56 power plants in 22 African countries, installing a total of over 1GW of diesel-generated power.

james-cartwrightJames Cartwright: Director

James is Business Development Director for VP Group, where he has been a key driving force in the business since joining in 1995.

A farmer by background with a BSc in Agriculture and an MSc in Applied Entomology, James has been involved with horticultural projects in 35 countries for the last 30 years, as both an implementer and manager. He has also acted as a consultant for many high-profile organisations including The World Bank, the EU and USAID.

As well as using his agricultural knowledge to help oversee VP Group’s role as a feedstock provider to Biojoule, James also plays a crucial role in helping us scale up by raising finance through a range of channels.