Biojoule is an independent power producer focused on using anaerobic digestion (AD) or ‘biogas’ to produce electricity and heat.

Biojoule’s first project is a 2.8MW installed capacity AD power plant at Gorge Farm, Kenya. The plant is the largest of its size and type in Africa, and a first in terms of renewable energy development in the East Africa. In the future, Biojoule will build and run an additional AD plant at Kpong Farm, Ghana.

AD depends on a reliable source of high-quality feedstock. A key part of Biojoule’s strategy is to look at establishing our own feedstock sources, so we’re not dependent on third parties such as farms for biomass.

The next project will be to operate a 5MW AD plant in Ghana together with developing a maze farming operation which will provide food and the AD feedstock to produce energy.

Biojoule also has a secondary focus on biomass boiler systems to produce hot water or steam.   The first biomass boiler was installed at Liki River Farm.