Our partners

To build world-class operational capability, we partner with the best companies in Kenya, East Africa and the world.

Snow Leopard

We hold an exclusive Africa licence to build, own and operate anaerobic digestion (AD) plants made by Snow Leopard Projects GmbH.

Snow Leopard is a world-leading developer of AD technology based in Germany. Its owner, Walter Danner, has built 45 AD plants around the world since 1995.

More recently, Snow Leopard developed a unique two-stage AD plant that is consistently up to 30% more efficient than conventional single-stage plants. It has been deployed at 16 sites in Germany so far, and is also Biojoule’s plant of choice for its AD facility at Gorge Farm.

General Electric (‘GE’)

We are building a strategic collaboration with GE’s Distributed Power division, which has its African headquarters in Nairobi. We use GE’s Jenbacher gas engines, which we believe are the best gas engines in the world, to develop our AD technology.  We are developing a strategic partnership with GE in the region.

GE is one of the world’s largest and most successful companies, with decades of experience of developing segment-leading energy solutions. The firm is committed to supporting African development with advanced infrastructure technologies, services and solutions.

Vegpro Group (‘VP’)

VP is one of our main sponsors and plays a vitally important role in the development of the company.

VP Group is the largest producer and exporter of fresh produce in East Africa and one of the leading rose producers in the world. The company has interests in Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana, Zanzibar and Namibia, employs 10,000 people and manages 3,500ha of vegetable cropping.

Feedstock is the key factor in building a successful AD power plant. To guarantee feedstock quality, our first two AD projects will be supported by feedstock from VP’s fresh produce export business.